To all who came out to Launceston, Barbariön deeply apologise for the cancellation of it's planned invasion. Unfortunately our VIRGIN 8:10pm flight was UNAPOLOGETICALLY delayed until 12:35am. According to news reports*, the official line is that there was a power outage in the domestic terminal, but suppressed eyewitness accounts describe a scene where the mere presence a certain bass player caused all of Sydney Airports electricity to be
absorbed into his own body. This energy is then used power his mighty, thunderous bass riffs.

Thanks to Club 54 for their understanding and to the support acts, especially the awesome Lady Crimson, for stepping up and killing it!

Barbariön will soon be back. We will make it up to you. ARRRRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!

*News report may be made up.

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13 FEB

WorldsEnd Hotel Adelaide - Adelaide Fringe Festival - w/ Hidden Intent & Emergency Rule



21 MAR

Musicland - Melbourne - w/Pegazus