Farewell Frankie


How do you farewell the Walrus of Metal……………?

With a big fuck off show in a small country town some 550km from Melbourne, that's how!

Many thought that our balls to the wall all-pyro all-smoke all-fuckyeah gig at the Tote was Frankie's last ever show with Barbariön. It was not.

That honour fell to Hotel Leeton in Leeton NSW some 7 days later.

As we barrelled up the Newell Highway that Saturday arvo one thing was on all of our minds…………..How big are these complimetary steaks we have been promised going to be?

The venue had assured us that we would be well fed and well watered, but we had a sneaking suspicion that they weren't quite aware of how truly fat and hungry our band can be.

Anyway, when we got there we temporarily forgot all about steak, 'cos the local folk were super friendly and really happy to see us. The support bands had set up a full festival style stage right there in the pool room of the pub. Lighting rigging, drum riser, sweet as quad boxes and a smoke machine big enough to smoke a couple of buffalo were all set up and ready for us to use. Locals having their dinner shouted out 'BARBARIÖN!!!' at us and everyone was really smiley (not in a creepy 'we're gonna stab you and dump your body in the creek' kind of way either).

By the end of the night we had made a bunch of new metal mad country friends, drunken an arseload of ice cold beer, smashed out an hour and a quarter of classic Barbarïon metal and deafened some skinny bloke playing his acoustic guitar in the pub across the road. People came up to us afterwards trying to talk but they couldn't because they had been singing along so fuck'n loud!

Leeton, you sure do know how to party!

Oh yeah, the steaks were fucking massive too! I think we might have eaten a whole cow between us. Frankie didn't even bother about messing around with vegetables, he just ordered an extra pot of gravy instead………That's how you go out in style!!!

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